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ChotTouch is always back in Kuching, and now he is about to organize another workshop for fellow photographers in Kuching!

The details are as follow :

Chot Touch Workshop street photography- 25 jun 2011 –
RM400 Normal Price.
RM250 utk ex-students CT
RM320 utk pelajar IPT/IPTS/Maktab.
RM250 utk pelajar sekolah menengah.

3 hrs of street photoshoot (morning) 2 hrs of portrait photoshoot (afternoon) 3 hrs of photo reviewing + basic editing (evening)

FREE: T-shirt Cinematic tone + 3 tones JOIN US!

Price per booking – RM50.00 Maybank acc no : 1611 090 10233-azri bin brahim

Contact person

Azrib Azri

0146865562 01815307636