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Waddup2! Do you remember this teaser? Well, on this post we’re gonna provide you with the full video! The reason why we’ve just promoted the video online because we would like to have a special premiere screening during the 4th installment of Shades of Art. That is why.

So check out the video now and please help us to spread the word. 🙂

I bet anyone knows Daft Punk right? The wicked French duo who created the best electronic dance music ever. Frenchmen are just so creative in music. Heck yeah, D Guetta is French as well.

Daft Punk music has inspired all listeners over the world. Their work are very renowned all over the world and recently they have made the Tron soundtracks. Sound awesome right?

So here is a video of an orchestra playing Daft Punk tunes. Check it out!