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UPDATED: 8.00 PM (Kuala Lumpur)

Read the latest review from JUICE on this Conteng series here:

Hey guys. This is our latest video project title ‘Conteng’. An art documentary which featured our good friend, a Sarawak based muralist & painter; Amey Sheikh Ali.

Amey Sheikh Ali



In honour of the female sex, the ART MOVEMENT along with THE CHAMPIONS KUCHING have decided to bring to you the 4th instalment of Shades of Art with a slight twist: GIRL POWER! FREE OF CHARGE!!!
Program for the night would include:

  • Acoustic Sets
  • Sape Act
  • Magic Show
  • Spoken Poetry
  • Fashion Showcase
  • Photography Showcase
  • Videography Showcase
  • and many more!

Venue : Bing ! Coffee Premier 101

Date & time : 16 December 2011, 7PM

You guys may RSVP here

p/s: We will make an appearance for a special screening of a documentary made by us. Refer this post. 🙂

Hello Kuching people!

We’re back. I know, we’ve been on a long hiatus, our team members were recently a bit occupied with ‘real’ life, work, studies and stuffs.
But since certain of us are having their holidays, we have made a simple video, a Cuponk video which is set up in Kuching of course.

Cuponk is inspired by a group of cool dudes in the US, Bam Margera, Billy Mark to name a few and their cool shots, and the ‘What-shot-you-got’ slogan has turned out to be a bit provocative that we finally took their challenge to come out with our own video.

So here’s our humble, simple cuponk video. What shot you got?!

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