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Waddup2! Do you remember this teaser? Well, on this post we’re gonna provide you with the full video! The reason why we’ve just promoted the video online because we would like to have a special premiere screening during the 4th installment of Shades of Art. That is why.

So check out the video now and please help us to spread the word. 🙂

It was 2010 and we have no clue what to do during the long holidays. And we guess it’s time to drive and see what Sarawak has to offer.
So we drove 800km to Miri from Kuching. And of course the total length traveled is approximately 1600km.

It was really fun. Can’t really recall the funny occurence. Maybe I can recall a bit throughout the editing process.

I know the video should have come out months ago but forgive me for the backlogs, too much commitment with something else. Just enjoy the video.

– Nasuha